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Chen Hamakom - Quality Services

“Chen Hamakom” is one of the largest and leading companies in Israel in the field of the collection, sorting and treatment of garbage and waste.
The scale of its activity and the level of services that it provides have placed it among the leading businesses engaged in a system-wide approach to waste treatment, collection, classification, utilization, processing and recycling.

Green Environment About Us

The Company’s extensive experience, its skilled and professional personnel together with the many resources at its disposal, enable it to provide a range of diverse services in the field of collection, disposal and treatment of the various types of garbage and waste.

What Can We Do For You?

Reasons for Choosing Chen Hamakom

the Company knows that the nature of the operations and the services require that they be provided according to the customer’s requirements. The range of resources available to the Company and attentive work planning allow for the accurate adherence to the customer’s schedules.

The Company’s extensive experience, its reliable, fast and efficient service, the skill and experience of its employees together with the wide variety of facilities at its disposal enable the Company to provide fast, efficient and professional service to its clientele.

The Company has over 25 years of experience in providing the services, and most of its personnel have extensive experience and are skilled in providing high quality services.

the Company set itself the goal to use the most advanced and sophisticated technological means available, which are in line with the nature of the services and ensure that they are provided at the highest level. The Company constantly monitors technological developments and innovations, and incorporates these in its operations and makes them available to its customers.

As part of the control of its operations, the Company has a call centre that provides services around the clock so that its customers will get answers, solutions and responses for any matter or issue that requires attention and action.

the scope of the Company’s operations, its vast experience, the variety of means at its disposal, all ensure providing a comprehensive and system-wide solution to the various types of services according to the type of waste, its treatment, recycling and reclamation, based on the wishes of the customer and the requirements of the Ministry for Environmental Protection.

The Company provides services from Beersheba in the south to Ra’anana in the north. Covering such a broad area allows the Company to respond rapidly and with great flexibility to provide services across the country as quickly as required.

Proper financial management, good judgement and decision making in consultation with financial, economic and accounting experts ensure the Company its financial stability and, as a result, the Company enjoys high regard and a sympathetic and supportive approach from the senior levels of the banking system, with regard both its current operations and new initiatives for the development, enrichment and diversity of its scope of operations.

We Work With Privet and Institutional Clients

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