Waste collection & handling facilities

The company operates 3 waste collection and handling facilities:

– Located in the north industrial area of Lod
– Located in the industrial area of Ashdod
– Located in Moshav Yashresh

The services provided in these facilities include waste reception, sorting, handling and separating into recycling and restoring, all according to client’s request.

The facilities also provide only reception, with no handling, services.
The facilities are equipped with all equipment needed to handle waste up to the stage it is conveyed to the recycling facilities and/or burial sites.

Equipment includes trommel for opening garbage bags, conveyors, magnet for extracting metals, mechanic engineering equipment for separating, loading and distributing the waste on the handling and sorting platforms.

The facilities handle various kind of waste (except hazardous waste).

The facility in Yashresh accepts only clean trimmed branches, and as such, provides shredding and crushing services down to the level of wood chips made for various uses (such as agricultural fields or bedding cattle-sheds).

The services given at the facilities are provided independent of the identity of the actual waste collector.

The facilities are operated by the company and the service is tailored to client’s requests.

If the client requests recycling sorting and separation services, the facility will provide the required confirmations (i.e. for the Ministry of Environmental Protection) regarding the scope of recycling for grants or any other purpose.

We invite you to visit and tour our facilities.

Please coordinate in advance – 08-9205169

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