Collection, removal and disposal of “conventional” waste

Collection, removal and disposal of “conventional” waste

The Company provides collection, removal and disposal services of various types of waste. These services are provided through specialized trucks adapted to the particular type of waste, the characteristics of the service environment and to the customer’s requirements.

The services can be provided with the means and in the required frequency to ensure optimal service (skilled personnel, modern vehicles fitted with suitable equipment, container vessels that meet the requirements).

Company drivers are equipped with communication equipment to maintain contact in real time between the Company’s management and the customers, and between the customers and the service provision area. A professional foreman is responsible for each customer and each service area, to closely oversee the level of services, provide solutions as needed and to serve as the point of contact for the customers under his responsibility.

Collection, removal and disposal are carried out in a skilled, professional manner, while preventing noise and without disturbing the environment.

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