Collection of yard waste and scrap metal

Collection of yard waste and scrap metal

One of the more prominent services provided by the Company is the collection, disposal, removal, transport and treatment of lumpy waste.

This refers mainly to various types of yard waste and scrap metal of which the customer wishes to dispose (such as old furniture, high volume power tools, etc.).
The waste may need to be collected off the ground / pavement next to the customer’s home or from open containers of various capacities (depending on the amount of waste).

Generally, this service is carried out using trucks with cranes. If the waste is deposited directly into the containers, then it is collected by self-loading trucks that then take the container to be emptied at the proper site and return the emptied container for further use.

Needless to say, the services include the collection of waste that may have fallen out of the container (in its immediate vicinity) so that the area is left completely clean.

This waste also passes through the reception facility and is sorted and separated into recyclable materials.

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