Resources and Technology

The Company applies the principle that in order to achieve its goals, it must use the most advance and sophisticated technologies available.

The devices used by the Company and the modern equipment that it will acquire in the near future, will put it at the top level of having the facilities and the ability to optimally treat waste.

Some of the equipment and resources available to the Company:

* A fleet of over 100 vehicles of the following types: compactor trucks, crane trucks, self-loading, trailers.
* Specialized sanitation equipment.
* Heavy machinery (mechanical diggers and front-end loaders).
* Crushers and shredders for yard waste and wood waste.
* Conveyors, trommels and low-pressure systems.
* Container in the following volumes: 60 liter, 140 liter, 240 liter, 360 liter, 1,100 liter cart bins and 4.5 cubic meter to 40 cubic meter containers.
* Machinery for sweeping streets, plots and parking lots.

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