Chen Hamakom is a family company founded by David Franco in 1990.

David Franco has 15-35 years of experience in managing complex and elaborate systems in the field of removal and treatment of all types of waste.

The Company provides a wide range of waste related services to municipalities, institutional clients, waste removal contractors, private clients and occasional customers.

The Company has a fleet of over 100 vehicles and sanitary equipment, of various types.

The Company operates transit stations and waste reception facilities that are located in Lod, Yashresh, within Ben Gurion Airport and in Ashdod.

The Company has an overall intake capacity of around 2,000 tons of garbage a day.

In light of the scope of the Company’s current operations, it has the ability to supply 500 tons raw material per day to power plants that produce energy from waste.

An amount of approximately 500 tons of garbage per day. This amount will increase significantly in the near future.

The Company operates a facility, in Moshav Yashresh, for cutting clean yard waste according to the directives of the Ministry for Environmental Protection.
In addition to the above transit stations, our Company operates, at the Terminal 3 compound in Ben Gurion Airport, on behalf of the Israel Airports Authority, a modern and sophisticated transit station that collects and conveys waste created within the Airport Authority compound.

“Chen Hamakom” has been granted ISO 9002 certification and ISO 14001 certification, both by the Israeli Standards Institute.

The Company is run from three key centres:

The head offices, located in the UMI building in Rishon Lezion.
The operation offices, including marketing and the control centre located in the “Ceaser Tower” building in Lod.

The “Dudayei Ayalon” transit station offices located in the northern industrial zone of Lod.

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